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This is a site established for individuals or businesses.

I offer expertise in most areas of proofreading and editing. I offer individualized assistance in making your projects professional as well as stressing the most appropriate words, proper grammar and maintaining the original author’s style.

I take the author’s thoughts and ideas and create a paper that will make you proud.

To avoid grammatical errors, punctuation and typo mistakes. I focus on syntax, content and logic. In addition, I verify that each paper reads well by establishing flowing tones, cohesion and proper structure.

I am adamant about finding the right words that correlate with the author’s goals and thoughts. I provide a fresh pair of eyes to help the writers capture their intended audience and become confident in their own writing abilities.

Something as simple as a misspelled word or incorrect use can spell disaster and embarrassment.

Writing is my passion along with teaching others the skills necessary to become as proficient as possible.

I possess a bachelor’s degree in English Literature with a strong background in Creative Writing and Journalism. While in college, I was a feature writer for my college newspaper along with being a tutor for undergraduates as well as high school students.

Since 1992, I have been a successful free-lance writer. In addition, I had a poetry book published in 1994. From 1995 until 2000- I owned and operated a used-book store, frequently helping customers in their various writing endeavors.

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